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Flower Directory - by Claudia's Pearl Florist

White Ranunculus [R1]
Stephanotis [S1]
White Dendrobium [D1]

White Cymbidium [C1]
White Mini Calla [MC1]
White Gerbera [G1]

White Lisianthus [L1]
White Hypericum [H1]
White Rose [RS1]

White Spray Rose [SR1]
White Carnation [CAR1]
White Alstroemeria [A1]

White Button [B1]
White Daisy [DS1]
White Mini Carnation [MC2]

Green Dendrobium [D2]
Green Cymbidium Orchid [C2]
Green Hypericum [H2]

Green Rose [RS2]
Green Carnation [CAR2]
Green Mini Carnation [MC3]

Green Button [B2]
Green Alstroemeria [A2]
Red Ranunculus [R2]

Red Calla Lily [C3]
Red Gerbera [G2]
Red Rose [RS3]

Red Spray Rose [SR2]
Ginger [G]
Red Carnation [CAR3]

Red Glad [Glad1]
Red Alstro [A3]
Red Mini Carnation [MC4]

Red Tulip [T1]
Purple Agapanthus [AG1]
White Agapanthus [AG2]

Blue Agapanthus [AG3]
Purple Alstroemeria [A4]
Yellow Alstroemeria [A5]

Orange Alstroemeria [A6]
Pink Alstroemeria [A7]
Red Anemone [AN1]

Pink Anemone [AN2]
White Anemone [AN3]
Blue Anemone [AN4]

Purple Anemone [AN5]
Green Anthurium [ANT1]
Purple Anthurium [ANT2]

Red Anthurium [ANT3]
White Anthurium [ANT4]
Pink Anthurium [ANT5]

White Monte Cassino Aster [MC-A1]
Purple Monte Cassino Aster [MC-A2]
Belles of Ireland [BI]

Bird of Paradise [BP]
White Standard Calla Lily [CL1]
Purple Mini Calla [CL2]

Yellow Mini Calla [CL3]
Orange Mini Calla [CL4]
Pink Mini Calla [CL5]

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